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vluchtelingenverhalen vertaald naar liedjes


Acht mooie mensen, acht liedjes gebaseerd op hun vluchtelingenverleden. The Untold Stories zijn verhalen die het verdienen om gehoord te worden.

Verhalen over vluchten, familie, moederliefde, terugkijken, maar ook zeker vooruit kijken.


Dit album is uitgebracht met boek, inclusief portretfoto's van de bijzondere mensen die ik mocht interviewen. Kijk ze recht in de ogen aan, lees hun verhaal met de songtekst ernaast en de cd in de cd-speler. Natuurlijk ook online te beluisteren.

€ 35,00
(gratis verzending in parkstad,
rest van NL + € 3,90 verzendkosten)
Mala - Dad's Letters

Mala - Dad's Letters

It was 1993, my life started in a somewhat unusual way. Listen to my dad's story in this song. Music video by Sharik Derksen Filmed at Suhka Yoga Studio Vocals, guitar & lyrics by Mala Production, bass, mix & master by Johan Smeets Violin by Rachel Crick, Nashville, TN Lyrics In April 1992 our lives forever changed What at first seemed unthinkable, became reality Shots were fired in the night Strong men got up to fight I don’t want to waste our life I never wanted to believe the hatred that I saw For years we lived side by side, there was no need to hide When a name can tell your history You tread carefully ‘Cause you don’t want to lose your life On one forsaken morning, I was caught by the enemy For six months I saw the same four walls, I wrote to you helplessly My nights are cold, how are you I’m trying to get through I need to make it out of here alive But the guards would stop all letters addressed to any man Been waiting for our daughter, it happened unplanned She was born amidst a fight That’s no way to start a life I promise I’ll come back to you, my wife We were sold to another enemy across the rugged roads Every breath could be your last, so we waved a white flag Walked frozen minefields Feet cold as ice We barely made it out alive When our freedom was exchanged for a penny and some fuel I knew my guardian angel would lead me back to you Darling it’s me, it’s me All I could hear were your tears We’re gonna start a new life ‘Cause we made it out alive
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